The thoughts of our work experience lady

I came to STOP THE TRAFFIK today as part of my work experience, armed with fair-trade chocolate crunch and expecting to find out what everyone here does during a day at the office.

After hearing about STOP THE TRAFFIK the year they were launched and regularly reading about their campaigns, as well as supporting them and doing the chocolate pledge for nearly three years. I thought that I knew pretty much all that there is to know about human trafficking. As well as having a great day (so far) and meeting some fab people, I was shocked to learn that human trafficking happens internally in the UK.

It makes slightly more sense that people in deprived areas of the world can be tricked into trafficking by the promise of a better life or money. They’re then brought to the UK and forced into prostitution, but I never thought that this would occur inside my own country; English girls as young as 10 have been known to be sold into prostitution after trusting an older lad who pretended to be their boyfriend.

The thought of girls and young women being brought into a foreign country against their will, where everyone speaks a different language, and lives in a completely different culture, and then having your passport removed and being forced into prostitution already makes me sick. But the knowledge that this is happening to girls inside the UK, is something that I was completely unaware of.

The world we live in is a far cry from perfect, and I always make an effort to see the positive opportunity in every problem (lets face it – if it wasn’t for trafficking I wouldn’t be sitting here right now). But I hope that I’ll be able to stop searching for the opportunities posed by the problem of trafficking soon, and I never thought that I’d say this, but I hope these lovely people I’ve been working with today will have to look for a new job in the near future, after success in their aim to STOP THE TRAFFIK.


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