A cracking fundraiser….

2As an NGO, STOP THE TRAFFIK rely on  the kindness and fundraising antics of our lovely supporters to help develop and further our campaigns.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Stewart Colgrave and friends who came up with this little adventure as a way of raising awareness and much needed funds…

The Plan: To get from Calne to John OGroats to Lands End and back (1771 miles) in a car worth less than £250!

The Journey: ‘We left at 9am on Friday 8th May 2009 and headed up to John O Groats. The aim was to reach there by midnight (680 miles).

The BMW had 2 breakdowns – the fan Belt snapped and then the rear brake calliper failed. Thankfully we have a few DIY mechanics on the three teams so we managed to get it repaired and back on the road.

The following morning we headed down to Lands End which took all day until 4am on Sunday morning. We decided to wait for Sun Rise in Lands End and then turned round to head back home at about 7 am. We eventually got home just in time for lunch… 55 hours later and very tired! 

So it wasn’t cycling or walking but the challenge of having such close company, stuck in a car for that long was enough for us! Very glad they were friends!’

Stewart and pals managed to raise close to £2000 and we are super grateful.The crew


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