Trafficked Chinese children missing in the UK

At least 77 Chinese children have gone missing from a children’s home outside Heathrow Airport in the UK. They flew into the country alone, were referred to the children’s home, and were then contacted and abducted by human traffickers, who then forced them into sexual exploitation, street crime, and cannabis cultivation. The UK government believes this trafficking network spans the globe, with agents in Japan, Kenya, and Brazil. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown condemned the incident in parliament. For more information see


China is the most common country of origin for child trafficking victims in the UK. Chinese trafficking networks appear to be the best organised, and supply South Korean and Japanese passports so that children can enter Europe without a visa. There is a continuous flow of unaccompanied pregnant Chinese girls claiming asylum at UK airports and then going missing. Vietnam is also a key source country. Vietnamese boys between 10 and 18 years old are entering the UK undetected and forced to grow cannabis in converted houses. In most cases where these boys were recovered by UK authorities, they were arrested, charged, and sentenced to between 12 and 42 months detention for drugs offences, even though they were forced to commit these crimes by their traffickers. The problem seems to be not that UK authorities willingly prosecute victims, but that they are unaware of child trafficking. Victims don’t ‘look’ like victims. For more information see


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