Kiwi Millionaire needs our help

You may remember that a few months ago a supporter in New Zealand asked people to vote and help decide which charity he should donate to after running a marathon. You may also remember I got thoroughly over excited when we won with an incredible 40,000 votes!  AMAZING.

Well, Kiwi Millionaire is running this weekend and has increased his target  to £10000 which he has to raise in a week! Pretty impressive.

He wrote to me, and although it’s ambitious, Kiwi millionnaire is as determined as ever and claims to have a plan (he also said he has been ‘spewing forth information about STOP THE TRAFFIK in his sleep’ … everyone here in the London office would like to apologise to his family for this and hope he hasn’t driven anyone crazy!)

His approach to raising such a stack of cash is simple, get 5,000 people to view his short video then donate £2 each. This should help him reach his target in no time at all! 

You can check out his video here

blog:  (you can also donate via a justgiving widget on his blog)

donation page:

 C’mon everybody….. we can do it!


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