One measly percent

The Dutch Tea, Coffee and Cocoa Coalition (TCC)  just released a new report saying how fair the chocolate we buy actually is.

I am sure you’ll agree that most reports usually look boring and only appeal to real expert in the field. But the TCC have done their best and have actually made it look interesting to read. (If you want to read all of it yourself, just click on this link.)

I was reading through it today, and besides all the great information and fun graphics, there was one page that really struck me.  It said:

“If the six major chocolate manufacturers: Nestlé, Mars, Cadbury, Ferrero, Kraft and Hershey diverted just one percent of their marketing expenses (i.e. 86,000,000 dollars) into holistic training programmes and institutions for farmers, 50% of all cocoa farmers in the biggest cocoa producing country, Ivory Coast, could be reached in one year.”  (It’s on page 12 for those of you that want to see for yourselves). 

Hold on a minute…

So if all those big players would spend only one percent of their marketing budget (not of their whole budget or of their profit, but just one lousy percent of their marketing budget) half of all the cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast could receive proper training. 

Training that would help them improve the production of their crop. Training that would help them prevent their crops from being lost to diseases. Training that would help them negotiate a better price for their cocoa. Training that – in other words – would help them have more income. Which would mean they wouldn’t have to even consider buying trafficked children to save labour costs. 

One measly percent of the marketing budget of these Big Companies could make all the difference. Now, I know we have to help our own economy in these hard times. And I know that the big marketing firms that are getting paid millions are suffering too (when i say millions, I mean iterally.  Last year the big cocoa companies spent eighty-six million dollars that’s $ 86.000.000, and that’s a heck of a lot).  

But one lousy percent?

One lousy percent that could make all the difference in the world! 

Let’s ask the big companies to start making good their promise of actually helping the farmers in Ivory Coast & other countries to tackle the issues efficiently. By training them, paying a fair price & by helping them create traffik-free cocoa plantations… 



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