Goodness me, what a week that was. I spent last week at a festival in the UK talking to new supporters and meeting up with old ones. As such the blog is a little behind the times.

But now I am back, and I have a bizarre little number puzzle for you today….

For the whole of 2006 / 2007, the UK Human Trafficking Centre – the main coordinating point for trafficking and referrals in the UK – got £1.7 million from the British government for all the work they do. This was said to be increasing to £4 million over the next few years.

Remember: £1.7 million ….

For one of its projects and areas of concern, the Department of Environment and Research are putting an extra £2m (topped up by other research bodies to make a whopping £10 million) into researching (drum roll) …. bees and butterflies.

Isn’t that crazy?

I know bees and other pollinators are important, and I am not in any way suggesting that this research isn’t needed but, it clearly highlight the rather insignificant amount of money the British Government is putting into anti – trafficking measures.

I also appreciate that the Government puts cash into a few projects like the POPPY project who provide beds for rescued female victims of trafficking, but even they don’t get enough to fund as many beds as they need.

Bees vs. People. That is the question.


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