The MARCH is working (already!)

STOP THE TRAFFIK is thrilled to announce that the global campaign to MARCH ON MARS is already beginning to work!


Mars have JUST announced that ALL their cocoa will be certified by the Rainforest Alliance as free from trafficked and exploited labour by 2020. As a first step, Galaxy bars in the UK and Ireland will be certified by 2010.


Following Cadbury’s announcement that Dairy Milk will be Fairtrade this summer, Mars’s first step is proof that the tide is turning and that the chocolate industry is beginning to take your views and concerns seriously.




There is a long way to go – 2020 is eleven years away. Also, let’s not forget that we’ve heard commitments and promises like this before. In 2001 Mars, with the rest of industry committed to end forced child labour by 2005…





While we warmly welcome this announcement, we want to see real change and ask everyone that while we congratulate Mars, we still have to let them know the world is watching to make sure that (this time) promises are kept and life will actually become better for the cocoa farmers and the children of West Africa.


The MARCH has to keep on MARCHING!


(But let’s just quickly take a second to say WOOHOOO everybody! Together we are making it happen and that rocks my world!)


3 thoughts on “The MARCH is working (already!)

  1. Well done….

    On behalf of cocoa farmers everywhere, thank you.

    On behalf of West African cocoa farmers a double thank you.

    On behalf of the children of West Africa I humbly say a million thank you.

  2. Dear Abimbola,
    Thank you so much for your lovely message. We feel that we should equally thank you and all our supporters for being so passionate and such great advocates for both STOP THE TRAFFIK and those who are, or at risk of being trafficked.

    It is nice to be recognized for our hard work so very much appreciated.
    Have a super day!

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