NEWS FLASH: STOP THE TRAFFIK’s first book goes on sale


‘I was trafficked, I survived. What would you do if it was your daughter, son, brother or sister? Read this book, it will answer some of your questions        UK Trafficking Survivor and friend of STOP THE TRAFFIK



The world is just acknowledging trafficking as the world’s fastest growing crime with an increase in hard hitting headlines and challenging debates.  Sometimes just understanding the causes, issues and statistics can seem like a scary and challenging task. STOP THE TRAFFIK’s new book: STOP THE TRAFFIK: People Shouldn’t be Bought or Sold has been written to help you understand this hidden world.


STOP THE TRAFFIK: People Shouldn’t be Bought or Sold is a story of the human suffering, pain and abuse affecting millions of men, women and children all around the world. It is a story relevant to every community, every second of every day. It is the story of people without human rights.


It is also a story of hope.


Around the world, together we have shown that

small actions

on a big scale

make a huge difference.


To help you continue your fight against trafficking, this book gives you plenty of ideas so you can make traffik free choices and learn how as communities and individuals, to ACT and help STOP THE TRAFFIK


‘It is important that society does not turn a blind eye to this issue. It can be happening on the street where you live, work or socialize.  Law enforcement agencies across the world are focusing on this on-going tragedy and they need the help of friends, neighbours and people in agencies. Don’t turn a blind eye’   

Andy Baker (2009) Deputy Director UK. Serious Organised Crime Agency



Using an engaging mix of real-life stories and bite-size factoids, this thought-provoking book successfully transforms a complicated, horrific global problem into an understandable local fight.


As Emma Thompson says ‘make no mistake about it, trafficking is torture. It must not be allowed to continue – this book will help you to do your part, so please, please buy it and join the fight’   


Please click here to buy your copy  


If you cannot buy the book, why not ask your local library – in your school, university, town, or place of work to stock it.


7 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH: STOP THE TRAFFIK’s first book goes on sale

  1. hey,

    I’m so sorry now that I didn’t buy the book when had chance :(.

    this book could be a good instrument in raising awareness in schools.

    keep doing the great job!

    all best,


  2. Thanks Joyce and Oana for your comments.

    We are hoping that schools will use the material in the book to raise awareness of how trafficking affects people and more importantly, how pupils and students – regardless of age and location can make a difference to the lives of people they will never see or meet.

    Let us know how it goes with the library!

    Oana – you can buy the book online!

  3. Hi Hanna,
    Sorry for taking a while to get back to you – I have bene away for a whole week! I am not sure where it is available in the US at the moment. The lady I need to ask is not here today. After the US book launch (next week) it will definitely be available on amazon.


  4. Hi there Sandy!
    If you order the book from us to be delivered to a UK address it is £8.99 including postage and packaging.

    If you are in the States, you can buy it from American Amazon or in book shops. The UK retail price is £8.

    If you want to get a copy, just email and we will get it organised!

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