Easter is approaching and it’s a time for…. err… CHOCOLATE!

This Easter when you’re looking for Easter eggs starry eyed and dazzled by colourful packaging and special offers, take 30 seconds to think about who you support when you spend your money.


STOP THE TRAFFIK’s new book asks if chocolate is a harmless treat or something that encourages human trafficking and human rights abuses?


We know the answer to that question

We know you know the answer to that question


Do you want to put money into an industry which cannot sell you traffik free, slave free chocolate? Do you want to financially support an industry doing little to change the situation and prosperity for farmers in the Cote d’Ivoire?


Make a choice this Easter.

Make a choice for the thousands of children suffering to make the world’s Easter eggs.

Make your choice traffik free


You can do this by buying fair and ethically traded eggs and chocolate bars. If you cannot find them in supermarkets have a look online.


You can even make your own eggs using fair trade chocolate. It is after all the thought that counts. Just remember to spare a thought for those who are without choice.


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