Well, it has been a busy few weeks in the office.


In case my diary passed you by last week and you were left thinking ‘Not having time to write her own blog post… what is she up to? I can’t wait to find out!’ I thought I’d compile a list the top three things that happened at STOP THE TRAFFIK last week (egocentric, me?!) ….


1. Steve Chalke (STOP THE TRAFFIK’s founder) wrote a book called STOP THE TRAFFIK: People Shouldn’t be Bought or Sold (cracking title, eh?!). The book is brilliant (and not just because I researched some of it!), there is even a chapter written by Cherie Blair.

Last week we had a book launch! It was so much fun. A lovely lady called Doris came from the UN, Cherie Blair was here, as was a chap from the Serious Organised Crime Agency. We had STOP THE TRAFFIK cup-cakes (with the hand print logo on) and fizzy wine – both were delicious.

What made the day really special was seeing some students from a local school – they were talking to people from the UN, had a personal hello from Cherie AND asked one of the best questions during the panel discussion! Go Girls!

2. We launched a new chocolate campaign! After lots of hard work and sentences starting ‘ok, can you write [emails / fact sheets / letters to Mars] in under 20 minutes?’  we got it all ready and live on the internet this weekend. Brilliant! Cadbury’s are changing, if we all take a few minutes to March on Mars we can kick start the traffik free chocolate snowball….


3. I helped put up an exhibition at the Museum of Childhood (review coming Friday). I went to see it last week and fell in love with the place! It was like walking into a box of candy floss! They have an excellent shop and I spent a good 15 minutes on Friday afternoon trying to decide if I should buy my niece butterfly wings or a mask of a roaring lion. I went for the lion….




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