NEWS FLASH: The Day YOU Changed the World

Dear one and all,


Today is a good day.


Today is a day I hope will be remembered as the beginning of the end.


Today Cadbury announced their most popular chocolate bar is going to be TRAFFIK FREE!  Woohoo and high 5’s all round!


By making the obvious, simple and ethical choice and switching to fair trade, the demand for trafficked labour took a knock on the head today and that is amazing.


Now there are draw backs, it is only one bar and (as yet) only in the UK and Ireland but it is a start and a step – definitely something to build on and use as an example.


Since STOP THE TRAFFIK’s chocolate campaign began and you – our fabulous supporters – become motivated ACTivists who stood up to do your bit THREE (not one, not two but THREE) massive companies have signed up to provide traffik free chocolate.


Cadburys, Verklade and Swiss Noir are all getting their act together.


We reckon that now it’s time to March my Mars! ( coming soon)


Anyway, STOP THE TRAFFIK just wanted to say thanks. Campaigning works and that rocks!


You helped make it happen and we are very grateful.


One thought on “NEWS FLASH: The Day YOU Changed the World

  1. Erica

    I was so excited when I heard the great news. Cadbury Dairy Milk is the nation’s favorite chocolate bar and now Cadbury has set a new standard for all mainstream chocolate companies to follow. When I heard the news, I could not help but think about the great things that will come from Cadbury going Fairtrade. By going Fairtrade, this will create a significant supply of high quality cocoa for Cadbury and improve the standards for farming communities. Cadbury’s commitment to Fairtrade is breakthrough news for the cocoa farmers in Ghana. The farmers will have the ability to sell a greater quantity of their cocoa as Fairtrade. The greatest news of all is that Fairtrade guarantees that there will be no child labor used within Cadbury’s cocoa farms.
    We all need to take a stand and push other cocoa companies to do the same. Take a stand and demand better chocolate. Take a stand and eat only chocolate with the FAIRTRADE Mark. We as consumers have so much power and if we all work together, all chocolate companies stand the chance to go Fairtrade. If you want to make a difference, join the force and MARCH ON Mars with me and STOP THE TRAFFIK. Making a difference feels so good, no matter how small the contribution!

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