Secret Diary…

This week, I was SUPPOSED to be going to a college in Essex and a school in Surrey to talk about trafficking.

For the college students, I prepared a presentation and exercises looking at human rights and how societal attitudes and perceptions make women more vulnerable to trafficking. I was quite excited about it as I don’t normally, so blatantly, confront the issues of cultural attitudes towards women – it is always such a dangerous hot topic.

When the time came to think about my message I thought ‘You know what? I reckon it’s time to really challenge the causes of trafficking – how long can you stick a plaster over something this horrific without getting down to the nitty-gritty’. Armed with a steadfast belief in human rights I was truly looking forward to it.

For the year 7s it is obviously inappropriate to talk about sex trafficking so I was planning to talk to the students about trafficking in the cocoa industry – it is a great lesson with laughter, drama and video footage of boys rescued from the Cote d’Ivoire. Again, excited by the prospect of engaging young people in huge social issues I was ready to go.

But I didn’t go.

Because it snowed.

So I made a really rocking snowman instead.


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