Business Travellers Against Human Trafficking

STOP THE TRAFFIK launches its new campaign to involve business travellers in the fight against human trafficking. This campaign started when members of STOP THE TRAFFIK noticed that large numbers of under-aged, trafficked prostitutes were being offered to businessmen, while they were away from home, travelling for work.

STOP THE TRAFFIK realised it was important to educate businessmen, hotel and airport staff about this worrying trend and to develop new ways to raise awareness and train people about how to detect and report signs of sex trafficking. “We know that trafficking victims are offered to business travellers and we know that the latter are often horrified by what they see but don’t take action because they don’t want to get involved with the local police or don’t have the time,” says Steve Chalke, founder of Stop the Traffik. “With the launch of our website we are offering business people an easy way to report incidents and to change the situation.”

This new campaign is already showing encouraging results. After the Business Travellers Against Human Trafficking campaign was aired on Spanish television, a tour operator contacted the campaign to report details of business trips that regularly arranged visits with trafficked prostitutes. STOP THE TRAFFIK then reported the matter to the police.

The Business Travellers Against Human Trafficking campaign is already active in the USA and Belgium and has been endorsed by over 200 members of the European Parliament. It is coming to South Africa in the near future. If you would like to report an incident or find out more please visit


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