The Freeset Project

STOP THE TRAFFIK is inspired by innovative projects around the world helping to rehabilitate the victims of human trafficking and inspire new hope and confidence. This week, STOP THE TRAFFIK wants to feature Freeset.

Freeset trains women who have been rescued from the sex industry in Kolkata, India, to make jute bags, fabric covered journals, and sari blankets in an environment that nurtures a spirit of emancipation and camaraderie. Here, the women are able to hope for a better future, learn marketable skills and receive a basic education. Freeset was founded in 2001 with 20 women. Now in 2008, there are over 100 women working at Freeset and the organisation grows from strength to strength.


Please support freeset and STOP THE TRAFFIK through purchasing one of their bags designed in support of the campaign! To purchase a bag, please visit for more info. You can also support Freeset and help even more women towards a better, brighter future!



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