Isn’t it FREEZING!?



Are you going to be in central London on Sunday 16 November?

Join hundreds of Londoners in THE FREEZE PROJECT! This is a fun, non-intrusive way for you as a member of the public to draw attention to the really important issues of human trafficking and slavery, and help people get informed by handing out flyers afterwards.

So how can you participate?

  • Show up at the right place at the right time
  • You will be directed to the ‘Freeze Space’ and blend into the crowdAt the cue, stop what you’re doing and stay frozen for the next 5 minutes until the next cue tells you the freeze is over
  • Afterwards, hand out some print material to those nearby or who were watching you

Where will this FREEZE PROJECT happen?

Location: London Eye (corner of Jubilee Garden on the side of Belevedere St. There will be FREEZE PROJECT signs)

Time: 2pm for a 2.30pm freeze

Contact: (Stephen – Co-ordinator)

See you there!


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