Take a Stand at The Stand

Take a Stand at The Stand

Last week STOP THE TRAFFIK advertised a great event – The Stand – that will be taking place at the NEC Stadium in Birmingham THIS WEEKEND. Today, STOP THE TRAFFIK has interviewed Ben Cooley, the inspirational organiser behind the whole event. Read on to hear about his motivation, his hope for the future, and his vision for people all over the world who are concerned about human trafficking.


How long have you been involved with Hope for Justice and how did you first decide to take a stand against human trafficking?

Hope for justice was really born out of my friendship with a couple called Rob and Marion White, and their involvement on the STOP THE TRAFFIK tour a couple of years ago… I heard stories and statistics during that period of time that just never left me, and I knew I had to get involved with doing something about it.

What do you hope The Stand will achieve?

Many things…We hope that countless people will be impacted in such a way that they cannot help but get involved, we want to see people inspired to change how they live their lives, maybe even deciding to train or re-train in some area so they can use their skills in law, psychology, investigation, social work… We want to see people rescued from the terrible situations they are in! We are handing out a Resource Pack to every delegate to help facilitate this, and this outlines lots more ways to get involved.

What is your vision for people who want to help eradicate human trafficking?

That they are empowered and equipped to make a difference! That they are able to get involved at whatever level they are able, Helen Keller said a great thing…she said ” Because I cannot do everything, I refuse not to do the something that I can do”. Everyone can do something!


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