UNCHOSEN Bristol Film Festival

If you’re anywhere near Bristol, UK, this weekend, then look out for UNCHOSEN, the Bristol film festival showing films that talk about slavery and people trafficking.

We are amazed to find out that the film festival was really the brainchild of one energetic and enthusiastic lady – Trish Davidson – check this blog next week to hear what Trish has to say when STOP THE TRAFFIK interviewed her…

And if you’re not in Bristol, catch some of these films anyway! The Bristol Film Festival has decided to show films including:

AMAZING GRACE, the recently released film about the abolition of the slave trade in the eighteenth century,

GHOSTS, a disturbing story of a Chinese girl who was smuggled into the UK,

SEX TRAFFICK, a highly acclaimed and challenging film about the billion dollar sex trade happening right here in Europe,

HOLLY, a story about the suffering of a young girl trapped in a brothel in Cambodia.

You can find these films at Amazon.com or in a shop near you. You can get to know about the history of slavery, the story of slaves and trafficked people while watching some fantastic film!



One thought on “UNCHOSEN Bristol Film Festival

  1. T.

    Saturday 25th October Its A Free World directed by Ken Loach, who will be holding a question and answer session after the showing. Redwood Cinema, Redwood Hotel, Beggar Bush Lane, Failand, Bristol. Book tickets Tel:0117 370 6417

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