STOP THE TRAFFIK film of the week


STOP THE TRAFFIK want to send a massive thank you to Matt and his amazing STOP THE TRAFFIK Freestyle Video. We love the concept and appreciate that Matt’s brought STOP THE TRAFFIK and its message into the things he loves doing.

And we think he’s a dab hand with a ball!

Please put your STOP THE TRAFFIK thoughts and ideas into a short film and get your friends and community watching it. Get them on the internet. Send them to us.

We want to feature your video on our newsfeed!






One thought on “STOP THE TRAFFIK film of the week

  1. Hi,
    My name is Desiree Ortega and my partner Heather Rodriguez are LovesickBride Films. We are in the pre-production stage of our short film called CELLAR.

    It’s a short drama about Human Trafficking. We would love to get connected and somehow discuss how realistic our research and script is. We would love to also send you all a Promo Packages about the film. What would be the procedure to have the name at the end of the film?

    We believe strongly in this cause and want to bring awareness that this happens everyday to hundreds of thousands right here in the United States.

    Hope to hear from you. Thank you for your attention.

    LovesickBride Films
    Desiree and Heather

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