Bristol Film Festival Against Human Trafficking

20th-25th October.  See Award Winning Films.  Meet the Directors. 

An innovative project, addressing Human Trafficking through award winning films, with talks by directors, live performances and hand out literature.

100% of the ticket price of £5.50 thanks to our sponsors will be going directly to our charities.


 Find out more about the films and venues at


2 thoughts on “Bristol Film Festival Against Human Trafficking

  1. T.

    Your chance to come and meet Nick Broomfield and listen to his talk after the opening night film. Nick was the first Director to commit to the project it made a vast difference to its credibility. Why not come and hear why he made Ghosts and support his charity Morecambe Victims as well as Stop The Traffik.

  2. Polly

    Well done to the Unchosen team who had 600 seats taken during the Festival week and managed to raise £3,000 + to share between the three charities.

    The comments and input from the various audiences through out the week were apparently moving and pro-active.

    Do you want to see it happen again in your city??

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