Oasis Belgium met with STOP THE TRAFFIK partners in India who rescue & return trafficked children to their families.  Often these children come from very poor farming communities in India.  When the children were asked what would make a difference for their families and stop them taking up the offers of traffickers, they replied “the gift of a cow”.  A cow would bring in enough money for the family to have enough to live on.

Initially Oasis Belgium wants to buy 4 cows & give them to 4 families in India. 1 cow gives a family milk and a means to make butter, fuel and manure to cultivate the land. 

1 cow gives them hope & keeps children from being sold into the sex industry.

The money raised will also fund a social worker – not to visit the cow, but to support the family!

Any money raised over and above buying 4 cows will be used for research on human trafficking.

If you want to buy a cow check out



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