The Hull Freedom Trail


New Picture (7)

Developed specifically to help victims of modern day slavery, The Hull Freedom Trail was an adventure for all concerned. Sierra Leone was just one country that has been affected by children being abducted during the civil war. Girls were forced into being sex slaves and boys were forced into being child soldiers and performed all manner of unspeakable acts.

The Hull Freedom Trail wanted to provide practical help in the form of rugged vehicles for the aid agencies in Sierra Leone, as well as learn about modern forms of slavery during our journey. Each vehicle displayed the STOP THE TRAFFIK logo. They visited dedicated people in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal who battle tirelessly to release victims of trafficking, campaign for legislative change and educate young people to reduce their vulnerability to being trafficked.

During the civil war in Sierra Leone over 10,000 children were abducted by the rebels. One of the victims raped by the rebels is 18 year old Aminata whose daughter is 6. The rebels stormed into her house and wanted to kidnap all of her family but she offered herself as a sacrifice to save her family. Begging them to take just her and not the others. The Hull Freedom Trail donated vehicles to HANCI (Help A Needy Child International) who look after them both.

This film is a chronicle of their journey as well as an insight into how slavery is more complex and deep rooted than they first thought.


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