Newsquest no longer advertises adult adverts in family publications

The Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT), a Stop The Traffik member, have been campaigning passionately to reduce the demand for trafficked women in Croydon (UK) and neighbouring boroughs for almost three years. One of their major focuses has been the role of the media, such as newspapers, which advertise adult services in the classified columns – sexual services have the potential to be provided by trafficked women.  In advertising these services, newspapers are effectively facilitating some men to purchase sex from trafficked women and indirectly encouraging the trafficking and exploitation of women. CCAT has therefore asked that all such advertisements are removed. After thousands of letters and the shouts of a loud and concerned community, Newsquest and their local papers have responded in a brilliant way.  This week Newsquest, an organisation who own and run over 300 local newpapers and publications all over the UK including the Croydon Guardian, announced that they will no longer advertise adult services. STOP THE TRAFFIK welcomes the stand Newsquest has taken in recognizing the potential in the sex industry for the exploitation of trafficked people.  We hope this encourages local authorities, businesses, and law enforcement agencies to work together in their communities to STOP THE TRAFFIK.


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