Bitter sweet news


STOP THE TRAFFIK Netherlands & Fairfood held a demonstration against the worst forms of child labour in the cocoa-industry outside the Dutch parliament. Two parliamentarians joined the demonstration, which marked the end of a competition inviting major producers of chocolate to commit to significant improvement. None of the companies approached were willing to make significant changes and therefore there was no winner to the competition.

netherlands 3 netherlands 1

Many people in your local community still don’t know that children are trafficked to work on cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast where nearly half the worlds chocolate is produced.

Even more people don’t know that the chocolate industry promised in 2001 to end the trafficking of children onto cocoa farms by July 1st 2008.  Next week this deadline passes, yet still children are trafficked to work on these farms.

We can use our local papers, radio, community newsletters, our blogs to let people know the shocking reality behind the chocolate we eat.

For the local press and media to listen we need to do something that draws attention to the story.

Click here and find out how

Act together for those who can’t


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