Hairless Hazel

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At a festival, Hazel and her friend Jared were chatting. “Something as horrible as people trafficking and slavery needs something drastic,” Hazel remarked. She joked that shaving her shoulder length hair off would be both drastic and dramatic. Jared turned to Hazel and said “I’ll give you a tenner right now if you do it!”. Hazel took the crisp £10 note and began her descent into hairlessness.

As Hazel’s school in Plymouth has rules and codes about drastic haircuts and clothes, she had to seek permission from teachers. “Hair can’t be shorter than grade 3,” she said. “In fact, boys can’t even wear board shorts in case it distracts the girls!” she added, giggling with her friend Dee.

The school gave Hazel permission to go bald as long as she wore a t-shirt explaining why she had no hair. Hazel made herself a t-shirt using the STOP THE TRAFFIK logo and braced herself for charity week.

On March 28th 2008 during a chilly lunch break, Hazel sat at the front of a packed lecture theatre. Over 100 people paid to come and watch.

One of the school’s teachers flicked the switch and the clippers began ferociously buzzing. As people began cheering Hazel began panicking! “When it first started, I was petrified – but I just kept smiling like an idiot!” she laughed.

10 minutes later the wind was closer to Hazel’s head than ever before!

With this courageous act, Hazel made people think, got friends and family interested in STOP THE TRAFFIK and raised £750.


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