Run for Freedom & Charles Bailey’s iTunes

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The Run for Freedom in Bermuda and London is coming up. Pioneered by Charlotte Wilberforce, the great great great Grandaughter of William….

“Organisers of Bermuda’s first Run For Freedom — which will raise money for Stop The Traffik —
have been hitting the streets to sell the Freedom Keys and spread the word about the run scheduled for March 30 at 1 p.m.”

Music producer Charles Bailey has created several tracks that are up on iTunes which will benefit the campaign. Click here for an article on the music.

“When Charlotte Wilberforce asked me to write a song for the run for freedom i knew nothing about Stop the Traffik and the wonderful work they do. Being black, my focus was on the slave trade of black people in Africa and the Caribbean. I strongly believe that everybody should do what they can to support Stop the Traffik, and that is why i wrote this song.

A sample of the song can be found here. And if you do a search for Charles Bailey on iTunes, you’ll find the tracks to download. Anyone interested in sponsoring the event in london can click here for giving information.

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