A Result from the U.N.

“I believe that the Stop the Traffik Coalition has the potential to provide significant impetus to the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking”

This is a quote from Antonio Maria Costa, Under-Secretary-General of the UN.

Chair of STOP THE TRAFFIK Appointed

as United Nations Special Advisor

Following the delivery of the STOP THE TRAFFIK Global Declaration, signed and endorsed by more than 1.5 million people, to the opening session of the United Nations GIFT (Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking) conference in Vienna last week, Steve Chalke MBE has been appointed as the UN.GIFT Special Advisor on Community Action against Human Trafficking by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Steve, Chair of the STOP THE TRAFFIK Global Coalition, and founder of the charity Oasis, addressed the 1200 strong delegation of leaders drawn from all 192 UN member states alongside actress and activist Emma Thompson; Ricky Martin, who is now involved in anti-trafficking work in both North and South America, and Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director, UNODC.

Chalke’s appointment is part of a new relationship that will see STOP THE TRAFFIK formally working with UNODC to produce resources for, and connections to, grass roots communities around the world as well as providing research about trafficking in goods and product supply chains.

Commenting, Steve Chalke said: “To be asked to fullfil this task by the United Nations is a huge honour and an enormous responsibility, both for me and for STOP THE TRAFFIK. The crime of people trafficking or, to put it in stark terms, modern slavery, for sex, forced labour and even organ harvesting is one that shames us all. However, though the reality is that trafficking is now the world’s fastest growing crime, I believe that every person, corporation and government can make choices which will turn the tide and that together we can see this great evil defeated. STOP THE TRAFFIK remains absolutely committed to that goal.”

Chalke concluded, “ My appiontment is simply a symbol of the power for change that 1.5 million voices have created.”

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