The Freedom Wall

We received this in the inbox recently:

Stop The Traffik2 Copy
Stop The Traffik1

My name is Emily Ioannou, and along with Daniela Tomanoski and Anna
Clarke, we are the “World Vision Leaders” (we don’t really have a proper
title) of Macleod Collge in Melbourne, Australia.

We first found out
about STOP THE TRAFFIK from a convention we attended earlier this year
where we met David Batstone and other such people, who informed us of
the growing and extensive problem that is human trafficking. After that
day we became abolitionists and have worked hard since to raise
awareness, our main goal has been to inform people because it is such an
unknown issue. We have done so within our school and we are now aiming
to do so in the wider community.

One thing that has been successful for
us in gaining awareness for human trafficking and STOP THE TRAFFIK is
the freedom wall that art students of our school created. We gave the
class quotes, statistics and photographs, which they used to produce a
wonderful and informative piece of art. I have attached it to this email
and hope that you will place it on the website, because we believe that
it really does make an impact.
We would like to thank-you for all your ideas, and we promise to
continue to fight against people trafficking, because we too firmly
believe that people should not be bought and sold.

Thank-you for all your hard work in this campaign,

Daniela Tomanoski, Anna Clarke and Emily Ioannou

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