A Gift for Ban Ki-moon


Here’s a serious Christmas Gift Challenge: we want to give UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon the Gift of One Million signatures to show a unified voice and help put an end to people trafficking and modern slavery.

We’ve already received one-third of the signatures we need, so those of you who’ve given your endorsement to the campaign, listen up: if you can each get two (2) people to sign up by Christmas, we would have all the signatures we need! What an excellent gift for the Secretary General, for your loved ones– and for Stop the Traffik.


gift-brown.jpg click here for the Gift of Chocolate 


gift-red.jpg click here for the Gift of Virals


8 thoughts on “A Gift for Ban Ki-moon

  1. Kim Champion

    Children should not be sold or bought as slaves. Do something positive to stop traffiking now, please. On behalf of the thousands of abused and damaged children sold each day. Thank you.

  2. Colin Hodgson

    Please act now to prevent a childs “present” being trafficked in to slavery. Wilberforce made slavery illegal in my country, be the name known as that which stopped in on a global basis. Merry christmas

  3. Simone Wilkins

    Please help stop this disgraceful and immoral practise and make this Christmas a happy one for these children and their families. God bless you this Christmas.

  4. Mica May

    Once I found out the truth about chocolate production I was cured of being a “chocoholic” instantly.
    I know that this would be the same for most people if they knew.
    Take the brave step and stop this obscene practice.
    People eat so much chocolate at Christmas, let’s make sure it’s the last time that a moments pleasure is bought with the lives of children.

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