Children love Easter Eggs...
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Children love Easter Eggs...

Chocolate unwrapped: the truth behind your chocolate

With Easter fast approaching, the cravings for chocolate are kicking in! The rich, indulgent appeal of chocolate is just too tempting to pass up. When Easter rolls around, I usually cannot wait to pick up the nearest gooey Cadbury’s Crème Egg. But did you know the darker side of chocolate? Estimates of child labour on … Continue reading

Behind the scenes of LFWend

Behind the scenes of London #fashionweek…

London fashion week for many is four days of glitz, glamour and elation as reams of clothes spill out of designer’s sketchbooks onto the runway. For four days, articles pop up on our favourite fashion magazines dissecting everything from the length of hems to the latest prints on sheepskin jackets… And, like many others, I … Continue reading


The lengths people go to – to STOP THE TRAFFIK

Flowing into our inbox this week have been stories of genuine creativity and ingenuity from our supporters. One of our supporters is literally going to great lengths to STOP THE TRAFFIK; or, should we say, cutting off those lengthy locks to go bald in the name of a good cause. We spoke to Matthew Morton, … Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 18.45.30

Are You a #FashionVictim?

If you were pressed, would you admit to being a fashion victim? Have a think: how many clothes have you bought in the past week, month or year? You might secretly admit to being a fashion victim because you buy clothes you don’t necessarily need but you just can’t live without… But do you know … Continue reading


Running up that hill

It was a very big white van, a very narrow cobbled street and I was grateful not to be in the driver’s seat. There were 17 of us with our luggage squashed in the back. We had stopped. Our route from Rio airport to the destination at the summit would give us panoramic views across … Continue reading

Rio conference

Turn up the volume but cut down the noise

Last week the global Stop the Traffik and Finance against Trafficking teams met in Rio, congregating in a convent at the top of the hill in the St Theresa district. We came from all over the globe, with one mission- to strengthen our commitment to preventing human trafficking. From across the globe, men and women … Continue reading

Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

Alleged slavery case shines light on need for awareness of exploitation

Did you see last week’s news? An unprecedented case of alleged modern-day slavery was revealed, with three women released from an unnoticed 30 years of captivity. Whilst details remain unclear, further investigations by police have revealed that the women were likely subject to extreme emotional control and psychological abuse. A criminal psychologist on the BBC … Continue reading


Postcard Delivery Day: update on meeting with Mondelēz

On Friday 18th October, Andy, Katy and Beth from STOP THE TRAFFIK accompanied by four students from Oasis Academy Mayfield delivered over 6000 postcards to Mondelēz UK office in Uxbridge. The culmination of over a year’s campaigning this was an opportunity for some grassroots activists to meet face to face with top level representatives from … Continue reading


Dark Chocolate

A darker side of chocolate.  Understanding human trafficking risks in the chocolate supply chain: We have a choice. The day after the FINANCE AGAINST TRAFFICKING Conference, a report into the link between human trafficking and chocolate has been published. Check out the blog below, written by former FINANCE AGAINST TRAFFICKING intern, Anisah Kee-Scot: If you … Continue reading


FINANCE AGAINST TRAFFICKING WILL HOST THEIR THIRD ANNUAL CONFERENCE AT THE IMPACT HUB WESTMINSTER ON THURSDAY 17th OCTOBER 2013. Here are just a few reasons why this is an event not to be missed. Human trafficking has been hitting the headlines recently with some high profile cases and campaigns. There is much talk about the problems … Continue reading



Another fatal fire at a clothing factory in Bangladesh has highlighted that changes still need to be made to ensure fast fashion does not claim more fashion victims. The 9 workers who were killed are believed to have been working overtime at the factory in Gazipur, near Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. The fire broke out late … Continue reading



Imminent to the delivery of 40,000 postcards from the STOP THE TRAFFIK UK and Australia and a social media thunderclap of over 500 supporters on Anti-Slavery Day Mondelēz have made an announcement… Yesterday they released some further information regarding their plans for tackling child labour and slavery in the cocoa supply chain. Published online their … Continue reading


We built this city…

From team rivalries to WAG behaviours, the World Cup will always hit the deadlines. However following allegations of human trafficking in the Qatari construction industry, this week it has made the press with a very different sort of scandal. Even with nine years to go, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has already been a … Continue reading

Red Light District

So You’ve Seen Our Video… So What Now?

Two weeks ago Girls Going Wild In Red Light District went viral and gained a lot of attention worldwide. Here is the story behind the video. Many of you will have seen our video on YouTube after it was shared a few weeks ago by media company Upworthy.  Views have skyrocketed with 6,683,971 official views and over 50,000 views … Continue reading

Home Secretary Theresa May-779653

The next Wilberforce?

Home Secretary Theresa May announced plans for a new bill to crack down on human trafficking in the UK last week. Are we seeing the start of a second-wave abolitionist movement in Parliament? This announcement came the same weekend as the annual UN International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of Its … Continue reading

The six steps to traffik-free Chocolate

FOCUS ON: CHOCOLATE #1 At STOP THE TRAFFIK we love chocolate and hate injustice, and that is why we have been campaigning for traffik-free chocolate since 2006. But what does traffik-free mean and how do we get there? More than 90% of cocoa consumed in Europe is sourced from West Africa. Here, the average income of a … Continue reading


Who are you wearing?

This week the Australian Fashion Report has been published by Australian aid and development organisation, Baptist World Aid. The report examines what prominent clothing companies in Australia are doing to protect workers in their supply chain from exploitation, forced labour and child labour. Since the tragic Rana Plaza clothing factory collapse there has been much debate about labour standards in … Continue reading


If you send one postcard this summer

    Here at STOP THE TRAFFIK we have just launched a new postcard campaign for traffik-free Toblerone and we want to work with you to get Mondelēz’s attention. This summer, we want you to send a postcard to Mondelēz to ask them to take action and give a clear answer to our questions. We have already … Continue reading

Rotten Apple

Whoever said one bad apple spoils the bunch?

Announcements were made recently that technology industry leaders Apple are falling behind in terms of international sales, after Samsung overtook the brand with a £3.4bn global profit. Apple made a £2.1bn profit in the first quarter of this year, which means their market share has decreased by 3%. Aside from all the number crunching, it … Continue reading

The secret ingredient in cosmetics

All that glitters…

If you check the packaging of many cosmetic products you may see ‘Mica’ listed among many other ingredients. This is the most common mineral used in mineral make-up, giving lip gloss, foundation, powder, eye-shadow and nail-polish its sleek shimmer. What it doesn’t list in the ingredients is that children risk their lives to put this … Continue reading

Stay cool and buy certified ice cream

It’s July and in Britain we are in the middle of a sweltering heat wave. Months of performing sun dances have finally paid off and the temperatures are rising. What could be a better treat in the heat than some lovely certified ice cream?  The first step in taking a stand against human trafficking is … Continue reading

GIFT box Brasil1

All eyes on Brazil

The Pope isn’t the only long anticipated visitor to have just landed in Brazil, the STOP THE TRAFFIK GIFT box has arrived!  While the news headlines around the world celebrate the birth of a new British royal, another major event is taking place on the other side of the world. Yesterday Pope Francis arrived in … Continue reading


#3 – The Argument For Ethical Consumption

In this series we’ve looked at a couple of arguments for being an ethically conscious consumer. Since this is my last day as Comms Intern and this is a subject close to my heart, I’ll return to it today, and address another common objection to consumer choice.   It’s not our problem Where to start … Continue reading


Being An Intern

We’re advertising for an exciting internship in Social Media and Communications, so if you’re interested and want to get the inside scoop on what life is like here, read on… I joined STOP THE TRAFFIK in March, and in short I’ve absolutely loved my time here. I first heard about human trafficking in detail during … Continue reading


The TiP Report: Identification, Identification, Identification

Are you interested in research on trafficking? The US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (TiP) Report, the world heavyweight champion of trafficking reports, is out. It’s been accompanied by headlines such as: “Russia and China criticised!”, but there is certainly more to be found than this, so let’s dig a little deeper. First and foremost, … Continue reading


Victims of Trafficking: How are they treated in the courts?

Human trafficking is illegal in 156 countries, and yet prosecution rates are low in the UK and around the world. Part of the problem is that the law focuses on the victims, treating them as criminals rather than digging down into why they are involved in criminal behaviour.  Last week a couple of the STOP … Continue reading


Hotels And Trafficking

It is a general truth that for trafficking to happen in a community, it requires some people to carry out the crime, others to be complicit and a great many more to be ignorant. The victims don’t just disappear in one place and magically reappear somewhere else, ready to be exploited. They must be recruited, … Continue reading


Enslaved In Chelsea

Something terrible happened to me this weekend. I watched Made in Chelsea, and against all my better judgment, I enjoyed it. This (somehow) Bafta-winning structured reality show follows the lives of “real”, seemingly unemployed high-fliers in South West London as they go for endless cocktails and talk about love and, er… that’s it. First impressions: … Continue reading


Telford child trafficking: Why are we letting the issue of race distract us from the real crime?

On Friday evening, four members of the STOP THE TRAFFIK team in London attended a preview screening of a documentary made for Channel 4 entitled “The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Gangs”. In short, it was powerful, enthralling and absolutely vital viewing. It’s out on Channel 4 next Thursday 23rd May at 9 p.m.: don’t miss … Continue reading



Last week our CEO Ruth had the honour of travelling to Hamburg to speak at the 34th Kirchentag. This is a five-day gathering of Christians of all ages and backgrounds to discuss burning and important topics of the day. Ruth sat on two panel discussions, one on human trafficking and the other more specifically on … Continue reading


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